General security concerns and crime in South Africa

The topic of crime and unemployment has been the major talking point in our country for the past couple of years and because it is a burning issue, it deserves an endless discussion until we find a solution.  After all that’s what all patriotic South Africans are supposed to do. We all know that our beloved South Africa is the play ground of all sorts of crimes, from organised syndicates to mugging and house break-ins.

Are we as the country doing enough? Having security alarms and access control systems in your home or business is not a permanent solution but rather a desperate solution.  We have lost that Ubuntu/peace that South Africa is passionately fronting about internationally while we cover up all the main issues that are destroying our country. Does our government know about the real causes of crime and if they do what are they doing about the facts in their possession and are we as South Africans making it our priority to make sure that they account for the despicable things that are slowly but surely destroying our country. You can hide behind your big walls and all those state of the art security systems and think that this does not affect you, but the fact is it really does affect everyone living in this country and until we all come together to take back our country we will always feel like the victims.

A large portion of the population is pointing out the three main factors as the main causes of unemployment which in turn breed crime in South Africa:

Corrupt government:

The general feeling in the majority of communities is that government leaders lack responsiveness to issues raised by communities. Most of them are incompetent and they are prone to corruption and they totally disregard the issues the communities raise.

Manual and hard labour that’s focusing on cheap labour:

The majority of South Africans are uneducated and they can only settle for simple jobs such as housekeeping, doing gardens in the suburbs for rich people and all the kinds of hard labour you can think of. So the feeling among most uneducated and unemployed South Africans is that since the inception of democracy in 1994, the employers have shifted their focus on illegal immigrants for cheap labour. And most of the people are lamenting South Africa’s weak immigration policies for all of this, but that is a topic for another day.

Messed up education system:

It’s a known fact that South Africa’ education systems is lagging behind compared to other nations. Government schools are a breeding ground for gangsters, junkies and alcoholics as recent studies have shown. And to make matters worse you need only 35% to pass your grade 12 in this country. That is why most of the matriculants end up staying home and do all sorts of bad things because they cannot be accepted at any tertiary institution.

Article by Mashilo

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2 thoughts on “General security concerns and crime in South Africa

  1. have u tried to checkout the spoilt brats hu dropout of the school and still do house breaking?? it is a well known fact that most of ppl hu are on the streets wer not there because they suffered…!!bt because they messd up in their lyf.

  2. True there mate,majority of them want to have posh lifestyles but they do not want to work hard,that’s why they resort to crime because it is a quick buck.

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