The Advancement of Plantation Shutters

Shutters have always been admired for their practicality, and have also been constantly innovated to suit your individual styles, climates and architecture through the years.

Shutters derived from the Greeks, to assist with cooling interior in the Mediterranean heat. Today shutters are used globally with varied architectural styling to suit the needs of a home or office space.

Shutter styles have varied though the eras as designers try to keep up with the modern times. The latest trend includes the “green” era, where eco-friendly materials are used in the manufacturing of plantation shutters. Shutters include a styling that is quite simplistic, saving space yet still giving your home or office a sophisticated look.

Plantation Shutters ® has been working alongside architects, designers and stylish homeowners to assist in creating stylish interiors. They specialise in custom-design adjustable louvre window and door Plantation Shutters.

Simplistic yet customisable

Our ever-changing world makes us want to have fully customisable features in our home or business space. Plantation Shutters ® design, manufacture and install your shutters, allowing you to tailor-make them according to any size and shape you wish.


Plantation Shutters can be opened or closed completely, with the use of adjustable louvres. These shutters are used as door or window coverings, as well as room dividers. Shutters are an integral part of interior design, and are used to help create multi-purpose spaces, that are fully adaptable in purpose and appearance.


Plantation Shutters ® became the first shutter manufacturer in South Africa to move their entire finishing process away from solvent-based coatings to a water-based finish. Eco-friendly Plantation Shutters are made using only high quality timber from select sawmills with the main focus being on high quality and attention to detail.

Plantation shutters have become an integral part of home design and décor, and will continue to innovate according to the desires of homeowners globally.

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