SEO is very much alive, only SERPs manipulation is dead

It’s so annoying to hear about the death of SEO on most of the blogs online and that is very misleading and irresponsible thing to say especially for the up and coming SEO analysts and SEO wannabes. The fact here is that internet marketing is evolving and moving away from the old methods that were severely being abused by the so called SEO specialists.

The latest Google algorithms (Panda and Penguin updates) are a necessity and a good way to curb all this spamming that is online nowadays. Social votes is the new authority building and this is a very effective way of judging the worth of a blog or a website unlike the old way of black hat link building tactics that tarnished the image of SEO. Not saying that social signals can’t be manipulated but the likelihood of them being manipulated is rare and if they do get abused (as it is a norm in the digital marketing industry) Google will always be one step ahead, meaning as SEO companies will be stuck with another update and a new way of doing things.

Gone are the days when you just put out junk content and stuff it with your targeted keywords and expect to jump up the SERP results. The latest Google updates are very user focused and that is a good thing because at the end of the day users want to see the relevant results that will help them find solutions to their problems. Writing an engaging and interesting content is the best way to be safe from Google penalties and also it helps increase your brand awareness because people share content that speaks to them not content that cheated its way up the SERP results.

Social media marketing is a necessity for any business because SEO alone is not going to get you results in this penguin era. And social media requires a very provoking content that will trigger sharing, so meaning a thorough research of your targeted market and the needs thereof is very important. So the moral of the story is: WRITE FOR PEOPLE NOT SEARCH ENGINES and if your content is speaking to the people then it will be shared on social mediums and Google will reward you in return.

Article by Mashilo J Mothemane

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