Running from hotels with fridges…

Both business and leisure travellers expect a few things when travelling. It is difficult to match the comfort of home however relaxation and comfort are certainly at the top of the list of expectations. There is one thing that is certainly a must and that is security.

Hotel guests do not want to worry about their personal safety which is why often they will make their hotel choice according to its level of security. From CCTV Surveillance to on- site patrolling and room keycard management, it is expected of hotels to follow robust security measures.

What theft to look out for when staying at a hotel

Personal safety as well as the safety of personal belongings is important. Across the world hotel theft comes in various nasty shapes and sizes.

  • Identity theft
  • Clothing and money theft
  • Laptop and phone theft
  • Kidnappings
  • Deaths

As a hotel, ensuring that your guests are protected again these crimes, means having preventative measures in place. Stats show that although guests might be cautious and on the lookout, there are an increasing number of laptop thefts across the globe. Business travellers especially, cannot afford to lose data and laptops whilst away on business and hotels simply cannot afford to allow this to happen to guests.

Running away with the fridge

On the other side of the coin, hotels need to be wary of guests. In many instances, guests have been known to take things from the hotel too. Many guests enjoy the drinks and snacks provided to them in the bar fridge however, in Dubai, a guests decided to leave with the entire fridge unit. Of course, this is not common however as thieves plot against guests, guests too have been known to cause problems.

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