The online status of the hardware fasteners industry in SA

Every industry in South Africa seems to be active online and getting a piece of the digital pie. However the screws and fasteners industry seems to be very slow in adapting to the online space. Is it because the majority of the consumers of these products are old people who are not tech savvy or is it because people in this industry are scared of change? The reason might be one or all of the reasons stated, but the fact is if the industry does not adapt and move with the times then it’s going to lose a lot of business opportunities that come with being found online.

The fasteners industry might not be for the youth, but internet is populated with all age groups and proper and relevant market targeting is all that it takes to find a suitable market that will turn into customers. Nuts and bolts are not the coolest phrases among the majority of internet users, but when coming to internet for business it’s all about the quality of the audience not the quantity because those few that are interested in stainless steel fasteners or screws and nuts might be the potential customers. With over 8.5 million internet users in South Africa, not being found online as a business is sure to affect you negatively in the long run.

Fasteners and screws are used on a daily basis, be it at home or in the automotive industry and it is one of the most popular offline industries in South Africa. There are a lot of bolt and nut suppliers in South Africa, for which most are still stuck offline. The sooner they embrace online as an alternative way of growing their business the better. At the end of the day consumers need to find what they are looking for at their fingertips and it is up to the fasteners industry leaders to give the consumers what they need by adopting the online way.

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