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Google’s penguin update shook the online marketing industry and then continued to root out black hat SEO’s. Whether it was your fault or not, if your site was targeted by the penguin update, you saw a significant drop in your ranking and traffic. The old way of doing SEO is over. It is time to put your game face on and do things right. Talooma Marketing did a great job on Talking Telecoms and Vox Orion‘s online marketing strategy after the penguin release.

Should I start over?
This depends on your definition of ‘start over’. Your first task is to “unlink” yourself from scummy websites. This will most probably be a very daunting task. Even harder than accumulating a link. The alternate solution, if you’re feeling particularly lazy, is creating a new domain and clone your site to it’s new home. This would mean you lose every link, bookmark and reference that pointed to your old domain. A truly fresh beginning if I say so myself. Just remember to remove your old site from your old domain. You don’t want to start your new strategy on Google’s naughty list for duplicate content.

So I started again. Now what?
Google wants webmasters to provide relevant content to the public. This requires natural website promotion methods. The old way of link building doesn’t work anymore. The answer to this solution is to get involved in online communities. Join a discussion or write a blog post. These are seen as natural ways of promoting your website as long as the content is relevant. Keep in mind the following important factors:

  • Anchor text is important. Make sure it relates to your website and keywords. Don’t try to be sneaky and because Google will know when you are hiding all your links in periods or making the link color the same color as the background.
  • Diversify your links. Mix up your links with no-follow links too. This looks natural. Get my drift?
  • Have fun. Don’t look at your strategy as a tedious job. Get interested in your website’s niche.
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