Mass Participation Programs Ineffective In Rural Areas

The mass participation programmes(MPP) were introduced and initiated in increasing the level of participation in all spheres and transforming sports and recreation. No country can expect to achieve and sustain success at the elite level without a strong participation base in the community. The National sport and recreation plan (NSRP) outlined on building an active nation and expect to achieve and sustain success at the elite level through a strong participation base in communities where every champion has their beginning, maximizing access to sport and recreation, building multi-coded sport facilities and have active physical education in every school in south Africa. Sport and Recreation (SRSA) need to sit down and revisit these things and make sure they push provincial government responsible for sport and recreation and bodies involved to act effectively  with regard to pushing the grassroots personnel especially sports councils that are responsible to engage with municipalities to make sure mass participation programmes are active.

Confederation of school sport association of southern Africa (COSSASA) need to come on board to ensure that school sport engage on issue on extra-mural activities in all schools. The problem might be that inexperienced sport administrators who do not understand the channels of sports have been placed in hubs and these is not doing any good for the country. When we talk about sports we are not referring to only football, we need active participation and transform sport and expose our talented athletes to playing golf, cricket, tennis, volleyball, athletics and others and most of rural areas do not have facilities to play those kinds of sports.

The facilities that have been build in some areas are also becoming white elephants because there is no continuum in programmes that have been established after 2010 fifa world cup like fan parks. We call for a close working relationship between department of education, SRSA, SASCOC, provincial governments, provincial councils,NGO’s and municipalities to ensure that there is implementation and continuity in MPP. Minister of Sport Mr Fikile Mbalula has recently launched a volunteer program called national sports volunteer, calling to all sports legends, former players, athletes, sport administrators and coaches to contribute to elite sports and hopefully that will contribute in overcoming these challenges.

South African confederation of sport council and Olympic committee (SASCOC) looks after all various national federation who are affiliates to it, together  with the various provincial sports council and responsible for making sure delivery is sustain. The issue of building sport and recreation is still being neglected as most of our rural athletes still play on a gravel and bumpy pitch that are not save and these has a serious consequences for the building of better South Africa, especially for the development of young people

The NSRP discussed that it will deliver and appoint a national coordinator for talent identification who works within integrated national systems and ensure the provincial and regional application systems. MPP should start with a well implemented icons of building accessible facilities,clubs,sports house, information centre, education and training, recruiting volunteers and active sports councils invested on or communities. So now the question is, is it provincial departments responsible for sport and recreation not providing seed and incubation funding for the provincial sports councils since these structures support a pathway for sport and recreation  development from grassroots level or should we blame Sport and Recreation South Africa and say they fail dismally to integrate the development of sport and recreation at provincial and local levels through sports councils or is it the grassroots personnel dissolving funds and lack experience??

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2 thoughts on “Mass Participation Programs Ineffective In Rural Areas

  1. Productive and fruitfull article I must say. It is mentioned in the article that “The facilities that are build in some community became white elephants…..” That’s very true and it takes us to the issue of sustainability and continuiety.It is clear that the government can realise that there is need for such facilities in rural communities and they even manage to take initiation but now, the problem is to maintain those facilities and programmes. Our government can not be a good candidate for a boxer since they tend to throw the towel very early.They initiate but thereafter sit back n watch when whatever they started with high energy is destroyed piece by piece. They must choose people who can put their focus on those programmes continuesely. We can say people should volunteer but at the end oif the day if nothing comes out of that they get tired and end up leaving everthing.There should be people who are employed to take care of those programmes.We are living in high financially needy time where every cent count. Even the volunteered people wil still need to travel (for meetings n siminars) so I would think the issue of volunteering should be scrapped out and employ people.I will give a pretty good example of Seraki Basket ball court that has now changed into kraal of the community’ s livestock, it was a good initiation but maintanance became a problem. Our only “Bochum Show ground” that used to attract most of the stars form the sporting fraternity has lost its grass n shape, the only thing that welcome you is the dust that is so severe you will swear two ox are fighting there. I still say maintainace, tswelopele le tshomisho will take us to greater heights.

    • Thanx Nchilo..

      I must say u have touched on the strong points and gave clarity to to some of the points on the artticle.
      i quote “We can say people should volunteer but at the end of the day if nothing comes out of that they get tired and end up leaving everthing”..So ur suggest the volunteer corp introduced by the minister shld be converted in to jobs in long run..which is true..we have a problem in our sporting fraternity where they only need people to volunteer while every profession is getting bigger cut. people will obviously get tired.

      another challenge i quote “Even the volunteered people wil still need to travel (for meetings n siminars) so I would think the issue of volunteering should be scrapped out and employ people”..your right…but lets say while they are volunteering give them something to eat and those who are committed shld be recommended.
      it comes to a point where now each and every province has to elect sports councils…North west, eastern cape and limpopo still facing challenges and im telling you sum of the failure is because some of the people cannot attend meetings because of money. These provincial councils must delegates and make sure in municipalities there are sports councils…so im saying all of this need a serious budget.

      now u rily outlined the issue of facilities and im happy that u mentioned seraki court cz now if we go back to blouberg municipality and ask what they have…they will say seraki is there but is nt even maitained..!!
      ther issue of education and training in sport also becomes a saying its a challenge because u get someone employed in sport who doesnt even understand the structure of sport body!! Its broad issue Nchilo!!

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