Make-Over your Home this Summer

Using Planation Shutters to Revamp your Windows

Turn your house into a home this summer season with the wonder product we know as plantation shutters. This innovative and stunner of a product will instantly give your house a lift. Whether you are into a modish sense of interior decoration or prefer more of a vintage feel, plantation shutters are versatile enough to fit into any décor.

Say goodbye to curtains and blinds this year and opt for the stylish shutter look. Unlike curtains, shutters are easy to clean and require hardly any maintenance. They offer a sense of added security and match any décor.


Add natural light to your kitchen when you make plantation shutters part of your décor. Think here of neutral colours such as beige or an eggshell white, contrasted by a marble counter-top. A white pair of shutters would be perfect for any kitchen.


Bathrooms are susceptible to mould with the steam from the shower and bath. The more airflow you have, the less of a risk mould and mildew are. Luckily for you, plantation shutters allow you to have full control over airflow as well as adding in a chic look to your bathroom. Contrast light blue wall paint, along with white, aluminium plantation shutters for a clean and crisp look.


Install plantation shutters in your bedroom to enlarge your space and insulate your room in the winter months. Opt for a warm colour scheme with tan shutters and a shade of red on a feature wall.


If you have French doors or sliding doors in your lounge area, plantation shutters are a great way to cover up for not only added security but also to insulate or cool down the space. Think of using a light-coloured scheme here to open up your space and give the illusion of a larger area.

Benefits of using plantation shutters

  • Minimal cleaning needed.
  • Fabricated to fit any window/door space.
  • Control amount of sunlight.
  • Insulates room and cools it down.
  • Added security.



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