Is content marketing replacing SEO?

Since the inception of Panda and Penguin updates there has been a lot of emphasis on content as being the main factor for Google when ranking sites. So does this mean content marketing is replacing SEO? There is a lot of attention seeking online marketers going on about how content marketing is taking the place of SEO.Unique,fresh and engaging  content is considered a good way of giving the end users the best up to date results after the latest Google updates, but saying it is replacing SEO is a reckless and misinformed utterance. The statement is right to some extent, the main explanation here is that SEO is forever evolving and the recent Google updates put more weight on content as the main factor, but that does not mean the technical aspects of SEO are no longer necessary, they are still a necessity like they were 5 years ago.

Content is king, but to market that content you need all the search engine optimization techniques and attributes. As internet marketers we write for both users and search engines (even though most write for search engines), meaning if you write for search engines then you are definitely going to optimize your blog post or article for certain key phrases in order to please or even manipulate search engines. The only thing that is being replaced is low quality content that made its way to the top of SERPs using black hat tactics.Pure and quality SEO will never be replaced.

It is misleading and not good for the industry if people who call themselves SEO gurus and content marketers feed desperate clients wrong information and stats so that they can score contracts and make quick buck out of unsuspecting business owners who are desperate to get the piece of the digital space, so that they can grow their respective businesses.

It is high time we get used to the fact that the way SEO was done before Panda and Penguin updates is way different from how things are done post Panda & Penguin and that does not mean something is being replaced by the other.

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