Epoxy Grout: have fun with your tiles

Getting creative and adding a bit of fun to your tiles, makes a huge difference. Tile and Floor Care have brought Litochrom Starlike specialised grout to South Africa, offering not only a decorative finish to tiles but various other benefits too.

The large range of epoxy grout is stain resistant, water repellent and prevents the growth of fungus and moulds. The 2 part epoxy is acid resistant and is ideal for ceramics and mosaic tiles. Also ideal for restoring damaged grout, epoxy grout offers resistance to acids, oils, fuel, solvents and alkalis. When used on very thin mosaics, the epoxy grout can also be used as an adhesive.

Because it is a decorative grout, epoxy is available in a wide range of colours. In fact, epoxy grout is available from 3 different designer collections. The first of these is the Classic Collection which is made up of basic colours. The second is the Glamour Collection made up of bright colours, and the third is the Metallic Collection that is made up of specialised colours, including Platinum, Shining Gold, Copper and Bronze.

Various adhesives such as Gold, can easily be mixed with epoxy grout, to provide homes, offices and even factory spaces with a unique finish. A glittering effect is often most popular, especially when trying to achieve something a bit different.

Application of Epoxy Grout

One of the greatest benefits of epoxy grout is that it is easy to apply and to clean. Ideal for various surfaces, including porcelain, mosaics, wood, natural stone and glass mosaics, epoxy grout may be used in any environment.

Offering something a bit more decorative, epoxy grout allows for creativity and expression. Whether you are looking for ideas for the home, or you would like to zoosh up a portion of the office, this tiling material offers a lasting, fun look.

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