Doping remain unclear in sport.

Doping has been one of the element that has thrashed the life of our young gifted professionals. It plays a bigger role and remain unclear object in the minds of our athletes as the protocols are so broad to engage on. it also remain a question to the public as to why athletes use banned0 substance when they play sports??what are the benefits??. do we really have answers to those type of questions as sport administrators. Does education and training play a bigger role in this issue or its just a matter of being ignorant in our professional players??in most cases  it seems like our athletes are not knowlegeable as they become confused especially after the results become positive..we often here comments like i was not aware and all those kind of excuses.

what are these substances that have been banned and who exactly do these test and why. what is doping?? what is the role of world anti doping agency and what is South african institute of drug free sport. these are some of the highlights one has to mention when we talk about doping.

We have had so many cases of dopin in our own sporting fratenity including the recent 2012 comrade marathon winner  Mr Mamabolo Lodwick.. Mamabolo tested positive by Methaylhexaneamine which was found in his A sample after South African institute of drug free sport released his results.

What is Doping

According to WADA it can be defined as the presence of prohibited substance,its metabolites or its markers in an athletes  bodily specimen. (these is being subjected as a stict liability rule)meaning when you’re found using these substance in any sport you will serve a suspension.

It is a  possession by an athletes at any time or place of substance that is prohibited in out of competition testing or prohibited method unless that athlets that possession is persuant to a therapeutic use of exemption granted in accordance with FIFA doping control association

possession of substance that is prohibited in out of the competition or prohibited method by athletes support personnel in connection with athlete, competition or training,unless the athletes support personnel establishes that possession is persuant to a therapeutic use of exemption is described previously.

so like im saying doping its a very broad debate and need to be tackled wisely..drugs are also classified according to their categories as you may find drugs that are strictly prohibited covered by what we call a STRICT LIABILITY RULE like drug ALDAZIDE TABLETS and there are those that are allowed like AF OINTMENT POWDER  and the are those that are prohibited in competitions only  and those that are prohibited from males.

its a very big challenge as many athletes do not have time to familiarise themselves with these things.question is whose duty it is to make sure our athletes know about these things??Who do we blame when our talented professionals test positive?? very sad issue indeed, and im very touched when these things happen.


I I then recall to a similar case of that of mr Mamabolo  where two rugby players tested positive by similar substance methylhexaneamine in their system. it was Chilliboy and Bason and were cleared for a return of action after a judicial commitee found there was fault on the part of players for positive test for banned stimulant but it was  confirmed by South african institute of drug free sport  that the champion’s A sample had tested positive.

the are also new developments of new substances and Lab methods, i recommend that it is neccessary to do regular review of standards and regulations  for anti doping actions in accordance with scientific evidence and sport ethics.   i therefore also recommend that there must be equity when dealing with these issues as i still think it is not transformed and also the issue of equity when dealing with different sporting code in the country. I also recommend that the full details of the FIFA,WARU etc Doping control procedure should be setout quaterly for Doping control regulations.

Do think it is transparent enough??

Sport and Recreation Coordinator

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