Are green buildings possible in South Africa?

There is talk everywhere about the importance of green buildings and one wonders if South Africans even pay attention to this and also if they value going green at all. South Africa is one of the top environment polluters in the world and it seems like there is no end in sight to this practice. Our government talks a lot about eradicating practices that are known to cause carbon emissions but they are not putting measures in place to make sure that corporate South Africa and the ordinary citizens are implementing this good practice.

Eskom and Sasol are two of the worst air polluters in the world and Eskom as a state owned firm should be more responsible and lead by example. At least it is a good sign that they have recently joined the green building council of South Africa and this means they will be scrutinized to make sure that they save energy in their future projects.

Are South Africans being encouraged to start building gardens? Especially in the townships and the rural areas were gardening is like a taboo. But this comes to the question of having access to water because in most of the rural areas in South Africa people do not even have access to clean drinking water and you can’t expect someone to plant if they walk 20 kilometres just to fetch water, so they have a legitimate reason to view planting as something impossible and who can blame them.

So until the government provide basic services to all the areas in the country, the green environment will only be a faraway dream for majority of South Africans.

Tell me your thoughts people, leave a comment below and let’s talk.

Article by Mashilo Mothemane

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