Antique furniture in South Africa

Antique furniture is hard to get hold of especially in South Africa, which is why there is forever a high demand for the products locally. There are a lot of interior designers around, but very few that specialise in antique furniture. There is nothing that makes a home more beautiful than well decorated classical and contemporary English furniture. In South Africa it’s very rare to find interior decorators that are fond of antique decoration or who make use of French and English furniture. Below are the links to some interior designers who are ahead of the competition when it comes to classical old school interior decorating in South Africa:

Phil is an internationally known interior decorator with over forty years in the industry and he specialises in English furniture. What sets him apart is the way he combines the old decorating style with the modern style to create a classical look. He caters for both the residential and the corporate market.

They are known for restoring country and antique furniture to its original self so that it can be useful. Any old furniture you can think of, they are the go to company for furniture restoration and repairs.

Based in Cape Town, Piér and Jo-Marie have been the collectors of country and antique furniture for over 15 years. They should be top of the list for anyone looking for Cape furniture antiques.

There might not be a lot of interior decorators that specialises in antique furniture in South Africa but with a proper research you can find some exclusive decorators such as the ones mentioned above.

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