Amazon Taking Customer Service to the Next Level

Welcome Kindle’s New “Mayday” Feature

So having a Kindle is old news. What is not, is the latest versions that Amazon have launched in recent developments. The talk of the town is the new built-in remote and instant customer service app.

Suitable for all Kindle Fire HDX, this app revolutionizes the notion of customer support around the world. By simply tapping on your tablet, an Amazon expert will pop up on your screen and guide you with any issues you might have. Our customer service can do so either by guiding you, or by drawing on your screen. This app allows tech representatives of Amazon to communicate with clientele via a Skype-esque portal. They have full control to take over what the said user is having issues with and resolve it.

Mayday is a revolutionary app support device that is sure to have followers within the next few months.  Mayday is available 24/7 and easily retrievable via the Kindle’s Quick Settings menu. It is free of charge and definitely helpful to those of us who are slightly technologically-challenged.

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